Joining the SLAB team gives you the great opportunity to open your own business. It is a proven business with low investment, simple operation and flexible floor plans, local support from Slab, regional advertising, and a 10 day training program. Ongoing learning sessions for the owner and their staff, store development assistance, local advertising design support, lease negotiations, construction guidance and assistance throughout the process and much more are also provided.

Our Franchisees pay 8% every week (gross sales minus the sales tax); 6% goes toward the franchise royalties and 2% goes towards national or regional advertising.

Total investments vary with each location. The minimum is 75k with an average investment of $245k as a general guideline.

We do not provide financing. Most Canadian banks or other financial institutions provide financing to qualified franchisees. When the offer to lease is done, we will provide you with directions on how to prepare a professional business plan for the bank or financial institution.

Our idea is to offer more business opportunities to any qualified franchisee as much as possible, so everyone will enjoy the cost of build and the items on daily operations without any markup.

This will lower your initial investment cost, lower start-up debt, and lead you in the direction to faster profitability

It depends on the situation, sometimes we may have a site available and most of the time prospective franchisees may have their own desired community in mind. We work together to find a suitable location and once we have mutually agreed on a site, we will negotiate and sign the lease with the landlord. We will sublet the lease to you under the same terms and conditions.

We have contract with distributors to supply everything you need in order to operate the restaurant.

Our training and support comes with our how-to and hands-on experience from years of training and success.

For a grand opening, we provide online sessions and in person training sessions for 10 days, franchisee must complete all sessions.

For ongoing support, we constantly offer up-to-date online sessions and in person support providing the how to and hands on skill and information on limiting food cost, efficient operational method, management advice and more to maximize your profit.

No, we do not offer exclusive territory but we offer Area Director position for existing franchisees.

Click on “Contact us” and one of our representatives will contact you. We will offer a short discussion about the qualifications to be a franchisee and have tools to evaluate each application. Based on the outcome, we will offer you a short tour of the restaurant and you can ask any questions you have in mind.

As per legal regulation, we will provide our Disclosure Document to you and we will process the document and payment together after 2 weeks.

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